23 dezembro, 2007

The World

A man from the town of Neguá, at Colombia´s shore,

was able to go up to the higher sky.

At his return he told. Said he had observed from above, human life.

And he said: We are a sea of fires.

–The world is that- he revealed- a bunch of people, a sea of fires.

Each person shines with its own light among all others.

There are no similar fires. There are big fires, small fires and fires of all colors.

There is people of calm fire, that doesn´t note the wind,

and crazy fire people that fills the air with sparkles.

Some fires, lazy fires, don´t light or heat;

but others burn life with so much enthusiasm

that you can´t even look at them without blinking,

and who approaches, lights and burns.

Eduardo Galeano