24 maio, 2003


The circle has no ends.
It doesn't end.
It is whole, complete.
The circle differs from so many things as we usually see them.
When we understand everything as being linear, the endlessness of the circle disappears from our conscious mind. Life becomes something that starts and stops, and we start concentrate on worrying about a long life, a happy life. We think so much about it that we forget to relax and observe the beauty of our surroundings. We fail to understand what will really bring the happiness to our lives. And we get narrow minded.
But nothing is lost; we are still able to see the cycle, and to even understand it.
When we do so we realize the endless love and peace that life brings us. We can see the continuing circle of life, and all worries and distress vanish like dew in the early sun.
And the most exciting is that it only takes one little step to experience all of this.
Do not try to bend the spoon itself; instead, only realize: there is no spoon.
Become conscious that you are alive and start appreciating it.


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